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The Lodge at Keene Street

The goal of The Lodge is to create an immersive education rich environment that prepares you for your personal recovery journey. Our focus on providing you the best possible experience on your way back to full mobility.

  • Orthopaedic only focus
  • Start-to-end dedicated nurse navigator
  • Opportunity to recuperate in a luxurious private room
  • Personalized recovery aligned with your goals
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Our Focus is You

Your Surgical & Recovery Journey

Once discharged from The Surgical Center at Columbia Orthopaedic Group, you'll have the opportunity to check-in to our Stay Suites. Our commitment to supporting your goals and providing personal care doesn't stop when you leave the Surgery Center. During your stay, the focus is you. The Lodge Stay Suites were designed to help ease your transition to home. We offer the below amenities:

  • Individual suites for you and your support person
  • Catered dinner and light breakfast
  • Personalized Physical Therapy to meet your goals

Our expert team will work with you to kick start your recovery in our innovative Stay Suites. You'll experience a level of support not found in traditional settings, including 24-hour nursing attention, on-site physical therapy, and a tailored education plan to help you achieve your recovery goals.

We provide an atmosphere that includes protective oversight, one-on-one self-care education, and physical therapy support to ensure you receive the best possible outcome.

Every detail of our well-appointed Suites are designed to be comparable to a stay in a luxury hotel. The Suites are conveniently located in the same building as the Surgery Center. With our focus on early ambulation and personalized instructions for you and your support person, you will be on the road to rapid recovery.

Our Facility

The Surgical Center at Columbia Orthopaedic Group #1 ambulatory surgery center in the state of Missouri.

Your Overnight Stay

What to Expect for Your Overnight Stay

What to Expect for Your Overnight Stay

It is our goal to ensure your post-surgery stay at The Lodge at Keene Street is as comfortable as possible. To help you know what to expect for your overnight stay we have a few tips for what to bring, what we provide and what you make consider packing for your upcoming stay.

  1. We provide shampoo, conditioner, body wash, body lotion, and hand soap (although some surgeons do not allow showers right off the bat). Any other toiletries and personal items that you normally use, please pack in your overnight bag.
  2. 1 pair of comfy lounging clothes and shoes/slippers (you will change out of your gown before arrival at The Lodge) Please bring a couple EXTRA change of clothes, in case of spills, accidents, etc. (it happens!)
  3. If you like to sleep with a fan or noise machines, we encourage you to bring that item if it ensures you sleep more comfortably. You may also want to pack ear plugs if you are a light sleeper.
  4. We do provide 4 pillows in each room and an unlimited supply of down comforters and light blankets. If you have a special pillow or blanket that brings you more comfort, you are welcome to bring the item with you.
  5. What to Expect for Snacks and DrinksWe do provide a limited number of snacks and juice/tea/coffee. You may want to bring non-perishable snacks and drinks, especially if you have dietary concerns such as diabetes, especially if you require a special diet, like gluten free or sugar free options. We do not provide soda.
  6. We provide 2 meals (one for you and your caregiver) catered by Hy-Vee.  If you have a dietary restriction, please let your Nurse Navigator know during your phone call a week prior to surgery when discussing your surgical procedure.
  7. For women, extra pads/briefs if they have occasional bladder leakage. Spinal anesthesia can make this worse and can even affect non-incontinent people.
  8. Each room has YouTube TV and Netflix already signed in on their TV's. Our staff will show you how to access these upon arrival to the Lodge. Guests may also sign in to their own streaming services if they so wish while they are here, just being sure to sign themselves out on departure.
  9. Please bring your cell phone, cell phone charger and any electronics, laptops and charging devices
  10. Each room is equipped with Alexa. Alexa is a smart speaker that will be  sitting on your dining table. You can use Alexa to communicate with the Lodge staff. In a loud voice say: ALEXA, CALL FRONT DESK and staff at the front desk will answer.
  11. Each suite has a full-size bed and recliner. The recliner has the option to lay back, similar to a bed.

Here's a list of items that are helpful for you to leave at home:

  1. Credit cards, large sums of money or jewelry. To ensure that valuable items are not lost, it's best to keep them safely stored at home.
  2. We have an on-site pharmacy for your convenience.

Don't fret if you forget a needed item at home. Guest services may assist with special requests or address any questions you may have.

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